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5 Everyday Household Items You Can Use To Workout At Home

In uncertain times filled with stress, misinformation, and fear, it is important to continue to work towards positive goals. As we try to navigate our new normal, carving out time for yourself (#selfcare), sticking to a schedule while out of work, and moving your body are all great ways to keep you on track and motivated.

I wanted to share tips and tricks I use for home workouts. Using everyday household items, you can still get in a great workout while our gyms and fitness studios are temporarily closed. Let your stock pile work for you!

1. Soup Cans- lets all be real for a second, as soon as everything started getting shut down, we all ran to the grocery store and stocked up on canned soups. Put those cans to good use! They are great for all sorts of upper body exercises like bicep curls, lateral raises, and even kickboxing! Water bottles can also be used as weights

2. Chair- it’s important to find one that has stationary legs that won’t roll away on you, but you can use these for squat taps, tricep dips, mountain climbers, and more! If you can’t find a chair, most of the same movements can be done on a couch.

3. Hand Towels- small towels can create upper body resistance by pulling on each end of the towel creating opposition for a great upper body workout.

4. Paper Plates- these can be used to do a great lower body “slide” workout on carpeted floor or rugs (this also can be done in socks on hardwood flooring). Sliding lunges, sliding mountain climbers, sliding side lunges, etc. If you need a little extra slide on your hardwood floors, using a small hand towel under your foot can help you easily glide, while also cleaning your floors

5. Toilet Paper- If you are one of the lucky ones to have plentiful supplies of TP you can do great HIIT (high intensity interval training) drills with them!

6. Cases of Cat Litter, Detergent, and Water – larger items can be used as weights. Use litter for dumbbell rows or shoulder presses. If you don’t have a pet, you can use gallon water jugs or full detergent to do the same.

This is the time to get creative! Your stairs can be a great form of cardio, the weather is getting warm too so get outside and go for a walk, run, or hike. Stay positive, and if you need help forming at home workouts with all your new equipment, feel free to reach out at Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ascendexperience for more virtual/in home workout ideas.

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