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The Team

Who We Are

      Alex Brandy

Feel your best through exercise and nutrition.

Alex Brandy is the Founder and CEO of Ascend Experience, LLC and has over 7 years certified training and nutrition experience. Alex currently has clients in CT and MA.

Alex is a NASM certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist. Alex is also certified NCCPT Weight Management and Holistic Fitness Specialty through the Academy of Holistic Fitness.

Alex spent 4 years in the NFL as a New England Patriots Cheerleader, where she was the assistant personal trainer for the team. After retiring from the NFL she then established Ascend Experience, LLC and brings her unique style of training to her clients through video training, in-person social distancing training to meet the needs of the pandemic protocol.

The future for Ascend Experience does include a studio but while the pandemic is still an ongoing issue, Alex has successfully adapted her fitness and nutrition goals in order to help you realize your fitness and nutrition goals.

To schedule a consultation with Alex, please email:

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