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Health and Fitness Express Reset

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

"Health is not about the weight you lose, but about the life you gain."

Woohoo!!! Your Health and Fitness Express Reset private group is here and has all the things you need to head into the holiday season armed and energized for your best end of year yet.

Staying healthy during the stressful time of the holiday season is not easy. Alex and Kara are here to help you be your best and feel your best.

"It is true that it costs money to stay healthy, but it is also true that it costs even more money to get sick. Your choice."

Beginning on Monday October 23, 2023, you will experience:

* 4 weeks of live workout sessions with certified, professional fitness trainer, Alex.

* 3 exercise classes per week: 2 morning classes and 1 evening class each week. Can't make it live? They are all recorded and posted to the group for participants to complete at their convenience.

* 1 live, 30- minute virtual class per week with Kara for your best nutrition incorporating her professional tips, tricks, recipes, and your Q & A during each session. These are also recorded and posted to watch back later on.

* Extra-curricular presentations and information for your consideration and support.

* When this class concludes you will have unlimited access throughout the winter and spring of 2024 to each nutrition, extra-curricular classes and exercise video.

Professional Fitness Trainer - Alex Brandy

Here is an overview of what your action steps toward your success will entail:

· Set and stick to the group game plan. Full participation, sharing your wins, daily stepcount, nutrition choices and what you’ve learned during each live session and off screen throughout each week.

· Let people know what you are doing to take good care of yourself now and for the rest of the year. They may become jealous and want to join with you here.

· Take advantage of all the downloadable information being provided. Let everyone know how a recipe or workout helped you. How did you challenge yourself in any arena this week?

· Each week will have a theme to it. Immerse yourself in each theme for your best outcome and share your wins and ideas with the group.

"I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family is a healthy you." - Joyce Meyer

Here is a testimonial from one of our recurring participants:

"I love the refresh group because it keeps me accountable. I try my best to workout as often as possible, and Alex provides great variety with her workouts, and Kara's recipes give me the motivation to make healthy food choices. The refresh group is a time for me to escape and focus on myself and my strength " -Lindsay S. (Health & Fitness Total Refresh Participant)


Want to get a jumpstart on your healthy eating? Here are some great ideas to get you started:

Kara Patchniuk - Professional Nutritionist

· Keep good nutrition in mind when grocery shopping. Shop for most of your clean, healthy food items from around the perimeter of the store. Keep shopping from the interior of the store to a bare minimum. Choose to make your own items like pasta sauce, ketchup, salad dressing, breadcrumbs, mac and cheese, flavored rice, etc.

· Make sure to load ½ of your plate with vegetables at each meal.

· Manage binge eating with exercises like marching in place, stretching, dancing, or a 30-minute walk.

· Drink water first when you think you are feeling hungry. Your body most likely is feeling dehydrated and water will satisfy your hunger pangs.

· Plan your weekly lunch and dinner meals ahead of time. This process eliminates binge eating, mealtime stress, and adds back some time into your daily schedule to exercise or rest for a few minutes.

· When sitting down to a meal, eat slowly. Savor every bite. Pay attention to the food going into your mouth. Reading or talking on the phone during a meal will leave you feeling hungry because you might not remember eating at all.

· Set yourself up for snacking success by having on hand easy to prep foods like cut-up veggies and/or fruits, nuts and seeds, yogurt cups, water bottles, apple and natural peanut butter, etc.

· Get the whole family involved with clean and healthy eating by communicating your intentions. Together, create a family game plan that will help the whole family support one another and stay healthy and energized.

· Get good sleep. At least 8 hours each night if possible. Rest when you need to.

· Use the nutrition and exercise videos as often as you can to help you stay motivated and inspired.

Here is another testimonial from a participant that utilizes the group in a different way:

"I know I suck at participation during the program, but I absolutely love having the videos to refer back to when I get a chance. I especially enjoy having them when I go to the gym to lead me through a workout when I don't have one planned myself." - Helena P. (Total Refresh Participant)


Are you ready to sign up?

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