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Pregnancy and Exercise Part One

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

“You never understand life until it grows inside of you.” Sandra Chami Kassis

There are many benefits to exercising during pregnancy, some of which you may not have considered. According to “pregnancy hormones relax ligaments and muscles, which are essential for delivery. The relaxing of these ligaments and muscles increases the risk of injury to the pelvic joints. Core strengthening exercises help to reduce the likelihood of risk to these joints.”

Exercising during pregnancy will help you to maintain a healthy weight gain.”

“Exercising during pregnancy should include some modifications as the baby grows inside of you. Do not exceed 140 beats per minute.”

Exercising during pregnancy will reduce stress, stabilize your mood and may improve sleep.”

Exercising during pregnancy will help to reduce back pain and strain.”

Exercising during pregnancy will help to improve your posture.”

Exercising during pregnancy will help with post-partum recovery and have an easier time returning to pre pregnancy weight.”

Did you know there are benefits to exercising for the baby?

Improved oxygenation and blood flow via the placenta to the baby.”

Healthier weight range at birth due to less likelihood of mom developing gestational diabetes.”

Group exercising can help with support from other pregnant moms and that could help develop a support network and friendships. If these networks are maintained, it reduced the chances of isolation and depression after the baby is born.”

“Part of taking care of your baby is taking care of yourself.” –

Things to remember:

Don’t forget to stretch before and after every workout.

Take frequent breaks to rest and to get hydrated.

Eat a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables, and complex carbohydrates.

Keep your heart rate at or below 140bpm. To figure out your best heart rate use 220 (-) your age, then multiply that number (x) .85 to get your personal heart rate.

Wear supportive clothing such as possibly wearing 2 bras to help your breasts withstand less strain and bouncing.

Cotton, Bamboo, and hemp fibers are designed to stretch and move with you. These fibers are more absorbent and don’t restrict air flow.

Keep exercising fun. Go to a class with a friend, join an on-line exercise group such as through Ascend Experience, LLC, include your smaller children and use them as weights for some of your work out routines.

Don’t freak out if your exercise shoes go up a size. This is normal in most pregnancies, including just one-foot changing sizes rather than both feet.

Avoid standing still for too long. Standing still for too long could lead to pooling of blood in the lower limbs and also lead to swelling.

Listen to your body. Learn your limits and tolerances.

On a more personal note:

As I am just leaving my first trimester of pregnancy, I want to reiterate the most important piece of advice... LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Yes I am a fitness professional, and yes I eat breathe and sleep fitness... but even I have had days throughout this new experience where just staying awake is challenging enough! There may be days you are nauseous and need to hug saltines close to your chest, and there may be days where if you sit down for a minute and fall asleep in seconds, and that is okay! Give yourself grace, your body is working overtime to build a tiny human.

And remember it doesn't last! As your hormone levels regulate again, you will feel better and have more energy through your second trimester. Just breathe and give your self space to let changes happen, and if there is a day you are feeling up for it, get that workout in!

“Dear body, I love you.” –

A sample of a one-week workout:

Monday: Cardio of your choice

Tuesday: Strength training

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: HIIT at your level

Friday: Strength training

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Walk, Yoga, or something low impact

Call to Action:

How will you incorporate exercise throughout your pregnancy?

What are your favorite exercises to do on a regular basis?

When is the best time of day for you to exercise?

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