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How To Successfully Prepare Your Body For Thanksgiving

In a “normal” year, Thanksgiving is a day to enjoy time with family and friends. In this alternate universe we are living in now, there is still some moments to be salvaged but it will not look or feel anything like what we are used to. However, one thing that stays the same, is taking care of ourselves no matter what kind of chaotic time we are living in.

One thing that remains the same is that there is no stopping the holiday season from coming around again. As with any holiday season that has come before, overeating, overindulging, relaxing the rules on staying fit and healthy are always in jeopardy when we add the idea of “celebration” into the mix.

Did you know, the average American consumes approximately 2,500 calories during a Thanksgiving meal? Yikes! But there are steps you can take to help prepare your body for Thanksgiving:

1- Work out everyday in some way. Walk, run if you are already a runner (don’t start a new exercise routine during a holiday season), hit the gym, or work out at home with virtual classes. There are tons of virtual 5k runs/walks this year, research events happening in your town or state.

2- Turkey Day is not a day to start a diet if you are not yet already on one. Eat your meals as you normally do but include more fruits, veggies, and water instead of carbs and processed sugars.

3- Plan to budget your calories, like your money. Think about eating fewer calories during the week before the big meal. Example: Eat smaller meals throughout the day before you sit down to the feast, that way your body will be better equipped to help you digest a larger meal.

4- Eat with success in mind. Use a smaller plate for your choices, drink plenty of water before the official meal so your body needs less food, allow yourself a smaller portion of everything rather than denying yourself anything. Another idea is to choose your dessert first. If you must have a piece of pie, my weakness is apple pie, then account for those calories during the meal and make it part of the calorie budge plan.

5- If you are on an exercise routine that includes going to the gym or working out on a regular basis, keep up with your routine before the holiday, after the holiday and all the days toward the next holiday indulgence. The day after Thanksgiving should not be a holiday from taking care of your body. Keep your metabolism up to its routine so that you can burn the calories you ingested. Keep your body doing what you are working so hard to train it to do so you stay healthy.

No matter what you decide to do with your Thanksgiving meal, it is important to keep moving!!

This chart shows, based on what you eat at the Thanksgiving meal, what it will take to burn those calories ingested:

Try these quick workouts to boost your metabolism before you dig in:

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