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Back To School, Back To Fitness

What have you been doing since we last met way back in the Spring? Have you been able to incorporate fitness into your summer days and vacations and short get-away weekends? Were you sidelined by illness, family obligations, or lack of motivation? Are you ready for the next seasonal routine and why do we need one anyway? For one basic answer, seasonal routines are way more exciting than a daily routine. We become too complacent and tired when we methodically follow a daily routine around the clock and tracking time by the numbers. A seasonal routine wakes us up to possibilities and what the new season has to offer. Our exercise options may not change much but when shorter daylight days are upon us it is important to increase our movement because we are not out and about as much, and starting early in the new season on a new exercise program sets us up for winning when the holidays and vacation days come around. The one thing that is guaranteed to change each season is the food we eat and the produce that is available to us. So let’s talk about what season is coming and how to make it a winning season around the clock

This post is a preview of what is coming in the fall and gives ideas to help you look forward to a good start back to fitness and good nutrition.

Where have you been? At the end of our Total Refresh Fitness group in the Spring, some of my clients had to deal with surgeries, address health issues, handle family challenges and were forced to put fitness on hold or not exercise as vigilantly as during the spring session.

Lisa said, “I worked out extra hard in the Spring Fitness Refresh in hopes of using all that fitness to help me through a major surgery. What I discovered was that all that fitness and nutrition helped me recover faster. The doctor was amazed at how well I was doing sooner than most of his patients. I started my fitness journey back after surgery, with Alex, and we worked very slowly. It felt right and good to be back doing something while respecting my body’s limits. I could feel my body craving the movement and stretching.”

Many people abandon organized health and fitness during the summer. It is true that if you are moving in some way indoors or out that movement counts but one bike ride once per week is not enough. If you throw into the mix the lazy days of summer a health challenge or lack of motivation and it takes more energy and motivation to get back to a routine of dedicating time to your health and wellness. Ascend Experience, along with Nourish and Nosh Nutrition, is the help and motivation you need. If you are new to the idea or a veteran of our program, you will learn all you need to know in a safe space and with TLC. We start at your level at your pace and offer tips to help you make YOUR workout and nutrition fit perfectly for you. You will be amazed at the results and proud of the work you put in.

Laurie W. says, “I am so grateful and honored to have you, Alex, as my personal trainer and for your continued support through rehab after back surgery. I never would have gotten to the point I am now without your kindness and inspiring words.”

What you can expect from a fall fitness program is taking it easy the first week or 2 to help you get back to movement and the variety of exercises for every part of your body and colder weather exercise options to keep your heart rate up and your muscles warm. Stretches, some yoga to help with flexibility, easy cardio like jumping jacks, high knee reps, and squat jumps. In between the video workout sessions, you are encouraged to swim, walk, bike, garden, anything physical to keep your body moving.

The nutrition portion of the fitness program does not disappoint. According to Everyday “we consume an average of 86 more calories per day in the fall compared with the spring and we eat more fat and saturated fat in the colder months.” Getting a jump on the best nutrition for your body is a key to success during the end of the year activities. A nutrition guided program can help transition you from summer to fall with all the support you need to avoid fall/winter weight gain. Take notes by keeping a food or cravings journal recording what happens in your body/mind connection when dealing with shorter daylight days, COVID challenges, air temperature, depression symptoms, increase in carb cravings. If you can pinpoint where the changes are starting, you can more specifically target those triggers with healthier ideas and practices. Our Refresh Nutritionist Kara Pachniuk, MS, CNS says “being mindful of what your current habits look like and then using the tools we provide to help elevate meal time will help the transition.”

All the same foods that are highly recommended when looking to eat a healthy diet regularly are all the foods recommended throughout the whole year. Foods like, salmon, broccoli, cauliflower, vegetable soup, lean protein like chicken are good for you throughout the year. Add in the seasonal options in fruits and vegetables to add variety of colors, tastes, and textures.

Fun with Fitness

Easing your way back into exercise can be fun and not a burden. Remember to hydrate as often as possible. Keeping your body flushing out toxins and help to keep your thermostat steady. Short walks of 30 minutes at a time will be a great workout for your whole body. Amp up your fruits and vegetables. They are great appetite fillers and add nutrients and vitamins that you might have let fall off a bit. Play your favorite upbeat music or take the time to make a personalized workout playlist. Don’t think you can just pick up where you left off. If you ended a routine workout using 10lb. weights, start and 3lb. or 5lb. weights for the first 2 weeks getting back into the fall routine. Let your muscles know who is boss.

There is quite a variety of equipment options and surprise pop up classes from time to time. Fitness any time of year does not have to be boring, and Ascend Experience makes that mindset a priority. Seasonal exercising programs keep your motivation and strength up. A strong core is a strong body.

"It's Not About Having The Time For Your Goals & Dreams, It's About Making The Time"

If you have already experienced the Health & Fitness Total Refresh group, please tell us here how it helped you, what you are looking forward to and what you enjoyed about the program. If you are new to the Total Refresh, tell us what you are hoping to achieve and what you specifically want to work on.

We start up again October 4th!! Stay tuned for more information and early bird registration!

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