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A New Approach To Corporate Wellness

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Caring for your personal health and wellness has always been important, but amidst the global pandemic, it is absolutely critical. And in the corporate world, the need for an effective wellness program for employees is at an all-time high, to not only maintain workplace productivity, but also to preserve the health and safety of employees and their families.

According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, “Corporate wellness is a make-or-break factor for companies. Successful companies are keenly aware that an effective employee wellness program is not only good for the bottom line but also leads to intangible benefits like increased productivity, lower turnover, and better alignment with the company’s mission.” However, with an increase in the number of employees working remotely from home, the question becomes HOW to effectively bring wellness to companies and their remote workers.

Quarantining, schooling from home and working from home have forced us to take a big part of our daily lives to a virtual platform, from the way we work and interact with friends and family, to the way we work out. Following along with videos and Instagram live feeds is interesting for a while, but it misses the accountability factor and the personal relationship that comes from working face to face with a professional. Ascend Experience has been able to keep that one-on-one or small group feel virtually with the use of Zoom and FaceTime by connecting with clients and businesses across the country, getting employees out of their chairs and moving again!

For example, Ascend Experience recently began working with the online mortgage and insurance company, The Money Source (TMS). Every Tuesday and Thursday, employees of TMS log on to their own private Zoom account and follow along with a workout live with personal trainer Alex. It is a great way to get employees mobile, stretching, and increasing their heart rates which can help reduce injury, illness, and doctor visits resulting from a sedentary lifestyle. There is also the opportunity for employees to send emails for guidance with fitness and nutrition questions or concerns.

Here’s what some of the participants have to say about the program:

“Alex is an AMAZING trainer. I am not physically fit and felt I was not advanced enough for these sessions. Alex makes training completely manageable and fun! We start with stretches that I can do right from my computer chair. I sit for long periods at a time, causing me to have some discomfort. These stretches really made a difference and I continue to do them every day!”

-Rebecca | Compliance Training Specialist

“Alex kicks my butt........and I like it! She has been giving us desk jockeys mid-day fitness ‘pick me ups’ for weeks, and they are the highlight of the day.” Not only do we have some fun, but we also get our bodies moving and our hearts pumping.”

“Alex is energetic, fun, and motivating. What more could we ask for? Please keep the workouts coming, Alex!”

-Peter | VP Client Relations

“Alex brings so much upbeat energy to these fitness sessions!! Because of TMS’ Core Value of “People Matter.” (“People Matter period”), our company embraces these 15-minute fitness breaks while we are all working from home. I block off my calendar to participate in Alex’s sessions. She is knowledgeable, upbeat, and breaks down the movements in easy-to-understand segments. Thank you, Alex, for showing us “People Matter!!”

-Darlene | AVP, Business Solutions

"I have had the pleasure of being able to follow Alex for live workouts. I never knew you could pack so much effective exercise in a short time span! Love how she varies the routine and hits all areas for maximum benefits. Her positive encouragement really pushes you through and her quick tips along the way keep you on track for doing the exercise the right way. If you give her a try, you won’t be sorry!!"

-Dina | TMS Employee

If you have any questions about corporate wellness or are interested in setting a program up for your company, email Let’s see what Ascend Experience can bring to your business.

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