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5 Ab Exercises For A Strong Core

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

1. 90◦ Toe Touch

Legs begin extended straight (engaging quads and lower abdominals) with your spine completely flat on the floor. Arms reach up straight towards the ceiling and neck is long. While keeping your gaze up towards the ceiling, engage the core, and lift the shoulders up into a crunch as you reach for your shoelaces.

2. Side Oblique Crunch

Starting in a standard crunch position with hands gently placed behind the head, let both knees fall to one side (keeping them stacked one on top of the other) while keeping chest straight and both shoulders down on the ground. Engage the core and lift shoulders off the ground in a crunch position, keeping the knees glued together and down. Repeat with knees facing the opposite side.

3. Seated Windmill

Sit up tall with knees slightly bent, heels down, and toes lifted. Lean back at a 45◦ angle, maintaining a straight spine, and extend your arms out to either side creating a “T” shape. Inhale deeply, and on the exhale engage your abs even more as you twist to one side, arms to follow, and reach behind you in a full twist. Inhale back to center and repeat the opposite side. (for an advanced version, lift heels two inches off the ground)

4. Side Plank Rotation

Lift into standard side plank position (lower bottom knee down to the ground for a modified version) reaching the top arm up to the ceiling. Engage your abs and inhale, on the exhale twist your upper body down toward the floor, reaching your arm through the opening created by your arm and torso. Inhale to lift back up to standard plank position. Repeat on opposite side.

5. Superhero Lift

Lay face down with your palms rotated towards the floor. Engaging the muscles in your lower back, lift up as you squeeze your shoulder blades together and tighten your glutes so that the only thing touching the floor is your lower abs and hips. Hold here for a breath, with your arms reaching back behind then gently lower back to the floor.

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