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Welcome To The Bridal Bootcamp!

Join Personal Trainer Alex Brandy and Nutritionist Kara Pachniuk for this 6-week virtual bootcamp to help you feel your absolute best inside and out for the 2023 wedding season. Whether you are a bride, mother of the bride, bridesmaid, or attending a wedding this year, we want to help motivate you through your fitness and nutrition journey, and have fun while doing it. This is a great way to get the entire wedding party involved and active, no matter where they live! In our private Facebook group there will be 3 workouts weekly, nutrition seminars, participation raffles, and more! Prices range from $85 to $615 for the 3 different program tiers depending on the level of one-on-one interaction with your coaches. Get your bridal party together and let's get prepped for the best wedding season yet!

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Meet Your Coaches

Introducing your fitness and nutrition dream team! This is Alex & Kara's 6th bootcamp program, and they are so excited to help you prep for the big day!

Kara Pachniuk, MS, CNS has been working in the field of Nutrition for nearly a decade. In that time she's helped thousands take control over their lives and their health. Kara uses organizational techniques, goal setting, and a deep knowledge of nutrition to instill change. She is supportive, realistic, and creates positive relationships to facilitate progress and aid her clients in achieving their health and wellness goals.

Alex Brandy, CPT, PNS started Ascend Experience in January of 2020. She wanted to create a safe and motivating environment for her clients, away from gym intimidation and fad diets. Although faced with a pandemic and lock down right at the infancy of the business, Ascend has continued to forge ahead with personalized one-on-one care to help you reach your health and fitness goals!

Program Details

This year, we have three different tiers depending on the level of support you need throughout the 6 weeks.


All three levels have access to our private Facebook community, 3 workouts a week, a nutrition seminar each week, and chances to win raffle prizes throughout the program.

Our second tier includes a one-on-one personal training session, and a one-on-one nutrition session for a more personalized experience. We have 10 spots available for this tier.

Our third tier is for those who want a complete lifestyle overhaul. You will have direct access to both Alex and Kara on a daily basis, as well as a weekly training session and nutrition session for a total of 12 one-on-one sessions throughout the 6 weeks. This program tier is for those who want daily goal setting, encouragement, and maximum results. We only have 5 spots available for this program tier, as we want to make sure we give ample attention to each participant every day.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How will I know when the workouts or nutrition lectures take place?

A: Alex will post the workout schedule at the beginning of the week and the nutrition lecture will take place at the same time each week (based on a consensus from the group).

Q: How can I view the the videos if I can’t watch them live?

A: All the videos will be recorded on Facebook live, and you can view them after.

Q: What if I don’t have Facebook?

A: Facebook is the platform that we use. There is no way to send the videos another way.

Q: Can I participate without sharing information in the group?

A: Of course. If we ask questions there is absolutely no need to respond. However, many participants love the sharing aspect. It’s all private in the group but no pressure to share.

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