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Total Refresh!

This past spring we had 45 amazing participants in our 6 Week Refresh, and we are opening registration for the fall round as of September 9th! This online program is a total fitness and nutrition immersion, that will refresh your health & wellness, and rejuvenate your soul as we head into the winter months.

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Meet Your Coaches

Introducing your fitness and nutrition dream team! This is Alex & Kara's 4th round of the Total Refresh, and they are ready to get your health and wellness back on track this winter.

Kara Pachniuk, MS, CNS has been working in the field of Nutrition for nearly a decade. In that time she's helped thousands take control over their lives and their health. Kara uses organizational techniques, goal setting, and a deep knowledge of nutrition to instill change. She is supportive, realistic, and creates positive relationships to facilitate progress and aid her clients in achieving their health and wellness goals.  www.nourishandnoshct.com

Alex Brandy, CPT, PN started Ascend Experience in January of 2020. She wanted to create a safe and motivating environment for her clients, away from gym intimidation and fad diets. Although faced with a pandemic and lock down right at the infancy of the business, Ascend has continued to forge ahead with personalized one-on-one care to help you reach your health and fitness goals!


Program Details

This year, we have three different tiers depending on the level of support you need throughout the 6 weeks.


All three levels have access to our private Facebook community, 3 workouts a week, a nutrition seminar each week, and chances to win raffle prizes throughout the program.

Our second tier; Rejuvenate includes a one-on-one personal training session, and a one-on-one nutrition session for a more personalized experience. We have 10 spots available for this tier.

Our third tier; Revitalize is for those who want a complete lifestyle overhaul. You will have direct access to both Alex and Kara on a daily basis, as well as a weekly training session and nutrition session for a total of 12 one-on-one sessions throughout the 6 weeks. This program tier is for those who want daily goal setting, encouragement, and maximum results. We only have 5 spots available for this program tier, as we want to make sure we give ample attention to each participant every day.

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